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Cafe Pacifico opened in 1982. Read more below…

Café Pacifico Covent Garden introduced Mexican Food to the UK

Café Pacifico Covent Garden is a fixture of the London Mexican restaurant scene. Café Pacifico was the first of its kind; it first introduced Mexican food, tequila and culture to the UK.  Café Pacifico is known as the father of Mexican restaurants in London (opening in 1982), and remains one of the leaders in producing what people expect of Mexican cuisine. Café Pacifico continues to be at the forefront of Mexican restaurants, and has earned respect in the UK community for its quality and authenticity.

Café Pacifico has helped to define what Mexican cuisine IS in the United Kingdom. Mexican cuisine has evolved in the UK from simple Tex-Mex creations imported from the USA to a sophisticated, authentic, and exciting dining experience.

Café Pacifico has led the way over the last four decades in defining a quality Mexican Cantina.

Café Pacifico was started by Tomas Estes, a native of Southern California. Tomas is the first official tequila ambassador recognized by the CRT (Tequila Regulatory Council) for Europe. He co-founded Tequila Ocho, the first tequila released in yearly vintages using distinct single estate agaves. Tequila Ocho is a favourite of discerning bartenders who use Mexican spirits in their creations, and is one of our favourites at Cafe Pacifico.

Tomas was granted permission from the chief of Cervezeria Pacifico (a major beer manufacturer in Mexico) to use their name and logo, and shortly opened the first Café Pacifico in Amsterdam in 1978. Four years later, Café Pacifico London opened as the first Mexican cantina of its kind in the UK.

Nearly 40 years later, Café Pacifico is still serving authentic Mexican food and award winning margaritas. Café Pacifico has served more than 3 million margaritas (an average of 2000 margaritas a week), and is the only bar in the UK to be recognized for excellence in educating people about tequia by the CRT with a Distinctivo T Award.

We take pride in bringing authentic Mexican food and a tequila experience like none other in the UK. Take a look at our menus and make a booking to visit a little piece of Mexico in London.

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